Freedom is the most precious gift of all.

To be free and able to choose a part of you to share with the world is our fashion--loud, different, and tailored just for you. I aim to create "wearable art." This means I seek out the best materials so you won't have to, I customize each piece.  Like you--each item in our store is unique and never duplicated identically, and I am very Eco-friendly and only use natural dyes.

My goal is to create fashion that speaks to your soul and helps express yourself to the world in a unique and individual way. There is only one person like you, which is why there is only one piece that is made for you. No one will be wearing the same thing as you are when you wear VT Couture.

My humble beginnings started in the garage of our house by making garments one piece at a time.  As an artist, I always loved beautiful things or things with character. I love dresses but often I cannot find what I am looking for; leading me to start designing them myself and create my own line of designs. If I cannot find the right fabric, I hand dye or hand paint them. 

Now, with over 200 pieces in display at our store, I am happy to display my collection to the local and global community. I believe that a piece of garment should fit the body and am happy to tailor or to design an item to the correct size for you on request.